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Jamboree17 was the national jamboree of The Guides and Scouts of Sweden, Scouterna, in 2017. It took place at Rinkabyfältet outside Kristianstad in the southern parts of Sweden, 5-12th of August 2017. The camp had about 11 000 participants, including international guests from some 20 countries, including Austria, Bangladesh, Burundi, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong kong, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Liberia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Tanzania. Another 1 400 of the participants had never tried scouting before and came on a daily basis from the municipality of Kristianstad.

During the week, the participants completed small and big challenges designed around the themes openness, self-confidence and co-creation. They lived in the hoods of Fitzroy, Maboneng, Lachine, Botafogo and Malasaña, and experienced adventures in their age hubs.


Jamboree17 says thank you. To all the participants, volunteers, learders, partners, sponsors, visitors and social media interactors. All of us together created the experience of Jamboree17. During one week, we have learnt about cooperation, leadership, diversity and outdoor life. We have grown as individuals, experienced fun and cool challenges and made lots of everyday things in a non-everyday setting. And most of all, we have experienced a unique adventure and made lots of new friends.

See you at the next jamboree!


Saturday, August 5

Finally, the day was here! 10 000 excited scouts and guides arrived for Jamboree17 by train, bus, car and bike. The jamboree town got its inhabitants and all the preparations for this summer’s greatest adventure had led up to this day.

Day summary (in Swedish) 

Sunday, August 6

Scouts and guides all over the field, the town nearly complete, and everyone was prepared for the grand opening show. We saw the Youtube phenomenon “Swedish fika” act live, and heard the camp song. There was also a ceremony for the new monument raised to commemorate all the jamborees held on the Rinkaby field.

Day summary (in Swedish) 

Monday, August 7

The first “ordinary” day of Jamboree17, with program activities such as the WAGGGS concept of Free Being Me, where scouts and guides worked on their self confidence and found their role models. During the evening’s camp fire, the sun shone over the participants singing classical camp fire songs.

Day summary (in Swedish)

Tuesday, August 8

Another sunny day at the Rinkaby field, and day particpants got to experience adventures with old and new friends in the explorer age group hub. The challenger scouts and guides were tired after their night challenge, a village invited everyone to a fermented herring party and another camp fire was held for about 4 000 particpants.

Day summary (in Swedish)

Wednesday, August 9

In the middle of the jamboree week, more participants arrived at the field. The explorers had a long parade with shouting, singing and dancing, and the adventurers continued to complete tasks in the hunt of a special bracelet. A mini jamboree reporter named Edith went all over the field to interview volunteers.

Day summary (in Swedish) 

Thursday, August 10

The adventurers built catapults, the explorers made communication challenges and the challengers had a great beach party. And as if that was not enough – a wedding was held at the jamboree!

Day summary (in Swedish)

Friday, August 11

As the jamboree was drawing to an end, participants started saying “we want to stay here forever!” During the closing ceremony in the evening, the Swedish King made the famous hand clap “the rocket” twice (!). Singer Peg Parnevik put on a show, and the party continued as a disco parade to the different hubs.

Day summary (in Swedish) 

Saturday, August 12

Departure day and everyone began packing and preparing to leave. Thousands of participants had a great week or day at Jamboree17 scout camp, met new friends and experienced adventures. Time to say good bye, and see you at the next jamboree!

Day summary (in Swedish)